w3Analytics - Monitoring service for web projects

Because project health matters.

w3Analytics is an online tool for web project monitoring and optimization of complex IT projects. It helps to improve the success of your web project - at a short glance. Gives more transparency and structure into the project environment.
Analyse - Optimize - Monitor.

Project monitoring has no need to be complex

The size, value und uniqueness of every project can be a puzzle for every project manager. w3Analytics supports you to analyse your online IT project in every possible way. At one glance you find out how your web project and the project environment is doing. It offers log file reports, delivers the most important SEO tools, supports and monitors your development team, checks out your project performance, gives you an overview of your external project environment, watches over automated processes and tells you on the spot what's going on underneath. w3Analytics was designed to make every project decision as easy as possible. Start scanning your web pages automatically. Analyse your keywords, monitor your development team, measure your project success by website tracking and watch your competitors.

Some of the monitoring key features

Project and keyword analysis

Project and keyword analysis

Analyse your project's current situation. Find your top keywords. All for the best success.
Competitor research

Competitor research

Watch out for your competitors and their competing projects.
SEO ranking tracking

Most important SEO and performance tools

Analyse your projects success by tracking your search engine ranking. Monitor your website in the search engine index of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Monitor and analyse your projects performance.
Content monitoring

Content monitoring

Monitor your project content and the project log files.
w3Analytics - Monitoring service for web projects. Because project health matters.
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